• sean salmon

    sean salmon

    internet aficionado, product designer, runner, coffee drinker

  • Anna Frenkel

    Anna Frenkel

  • Danilo Campisi

    Danilo Campisi

    Ex Consultant, Ex Y Combinator, part of the initial team of AirHelp ($25M raised), Kiwi.com (sold for $125M for 51% stake). I currently work at Facebook.

  • Emily Welby

    Emily Welby

  • Chris Dowsett

    Chris Dowsett

    Director of Data and Insights @ Spotify. PhD. Social Scientist. Conservation, paddleboards & smoothie fan. Views are mine only.

  • Cathy Lo

    Cathy Lo

    Artist, performer, designer@instagram. Co-founder of a wife and wife design atelier www.brave-matter.com. www.cathylo.com.

  • Tony Pil

    Tony Pil

  • Srisupa Matrakul

    Srisupa Matrakul

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